DJ Antiq

Anthony William Saldana (DJ AntiQ) is a successful DJ, musician, promoter, and father. Born and raised in Hollywood, CA, DJ AntiQ has been a music fan since he first began toying with his mother’s stereo and record collection at an early age. Growing up in a house filled with a diverse range of music, from Stevie Wonder, Hector Lavoe, John Coltrane to The Emotions, has influenced AntiQ’s sets that include everything from 70s fusion and soul, Latin, disco and reggae, 80s, 90’s and early 2000 hip hop and R & B, to current top 40.

DJ AntiQ has recently gained prominence through the nationally syndicated hit radio show The Back Spin with Spinderella, Grammy award winning DJ of the legendary hip hop group Salt ‘N Pepa, and her co-host DJ MoDav. Through this collaboration, DJ AntiQ has gained entrance into some of the entertainment industry’s biggest markets and events. The Back Spin, which airs in markets across the country, is comprised of old school hits and classics that highlight over 30 years of soul, R&B, and hip hop music

In addition, AntiQ works in eCommerce and Global Operations at Universal Music Group. However as a DJ, AntiQ has gained a reputation as one of Los Angeles’ most highly sought after private party and club DJ’s, previously holding residencies at the Good Bar, Century Club, Sunset Room, and 360 Lounge.

Currently, AntiQ DJ’s at the XEN Lounge in Studio City, Broadway Bar in Downtown Los Angeles, The Down N’ Out, House Of Blues Foundation Room, and even dropped a set at the world famous “Do-Over” on Sundays in Hollywood. He also DJ’s personal Celebrity parties, high profile company parties for EMI, Universal, and Interscope, The Tom Joiner Fantastic Voyage cruise, fashion events for T&A Showroom, Moods Of Norway and Magic Johnson Enterprises, benefit concerts for Youth Speak Collective and Children Uniting Nations, as well as the Summer Series Concerts for Nederlander at The Greek Theater.

“I have always enjoyed music and DJing has allowed me to connect with people on a different level,” he explains. “A day doesn’t go by that I don’t appreciate all the opportunities I have to try and expand my reputation as becoming one of Los Angeles’ most reputable and known DJ’s.”